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Welcome to the Team Hans Grevenstrale Dealing the Inland Empire

About Hans

Hans Grevenstrale, born in Sweden, son of two real estate brokers. From early age, Hans was a part of the family business of selling Castles and mansions in the Southwestern part of Sweden. Hans's parents nische in real estate was to sell Castles and commercial agricultural farms. Since Sweden has a long history with monarchy and properties with historical significance, Hans has seen/sold castles built from the 13th century to 19th century.

In early 2000's Hans moved to California in pursuit of a Marketing degree from California State University Fullerton. While studying at California State University Fullerton Hans met his wife. While Hans's wife to be, was studying, she also working for a company handling real estate owned properties. This led to the introduction of several asset managers with nationwide accounts. This created a full circle and Hans Grevenstrale rediscovered his Passion for real estate.

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